Artists: Noah Angell, Marko Batista, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Ole Hagen, Jan Hakin Erichsen, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Aileen Lambert, Eleanor Lawler, Didi Lin, Robert Luzar, Anita R Mudaliar, Jeremy Newman, Katherine Nolan, Dan Shipsides, Markus Soukup & Igor Hax, Matt Verdon.

Screening: Oct 24th at the Roxy Bar and Screen

Visual Deflections is a compilation of moving image work from a select group of international artists. The works are centered around the idea of deflections, reflections and reverberations of either the narrative or the gaze. The showcase of short films presents the viewer with an opportunity to engage with contemporary artwork that provokes, seduces and repels the desire to look.

The Roxy Bar and Screen
Oct 24th 8pm
128-132 Borough High Street
Tube: Borough